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First ever successful mobile mining
ICO project that went live!

Limited offer!

The demand for TRM2 token is through the roof. Our offer is unique in a lot of ways, making it an attractive choice on the mining market.

We offer advanced solutions for all kinds of users.

    We represent a new standard for mining projects because our solution is:
  • Mobile;
  • Easily scalable;
  • High-performance;
  • Energy-efficient.

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The exponential growth of cryptocurrencies’ usage as a medium of exchange creates a huge demand for mining capacity that is required to safely conduct and validate all the transactions performed in cryptocurrency networks.

The number of transactions in the cryptocurrency networks grows at an unprecedented rate that is expected to keep growing in the foreseeable future. Cryptocurrency networks experience a sharp demand in higher and higher hashrate by the day.

We – the TerraMiner team – are ready to supply this power and we invite you to join our project.

We have created an engineering solution of highly mobile mining farms that are easy to deploy anywhere in the world. Our mobile mining farms are mounted inside a shipping container and are equipped with all the necessary means of communications, an alarm system, a fire safety system and an advanced immersion cooling system. Investments in this complete high-tech solution will give investors the access to the most flexible and reliable mining farm with the shortest payback period available on market.

Our farms have already been field-tested. We have established great connections with hardware manufacturers and have developed unique engineering solutions. Our two previous projects have proven to be successful and now we are sure in our ability to build on our success together.

ICO information

TRM token is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 compliant token.

TRM tokens grant holders the following privileges:

  • Full lifetime ownership right to the hashing rate of our mining farms, correspondent to the amount of tokens owned;
  • 50% of the mining hashrate revenue earned with the hashrate the token holder owns;
  • Ownership right to the additional hashrate for every owned token by reinvesting 10% of the total monthly revenue (that is revenue before distribution).

For a more specific information see “Distribution of revenue and costs”

Tokens are put on sale in three phases over 91 days: December 27th 2017 - March 31st 2018.

Every TRM2 token is backed by real hashing power. Unsold tokens will not be issued.

Token issue volume equals the volume sold to and bought by investors, meaning unsold tokens will not be issued. The project has no hard cap and will be launched under any circumstances, regardless of the amount of funds raised. Token sale is held in three Phases. Token price and the bonus discount scale vary depending on phase and the investment volume. The TRM token price depends on the phase of entry and the purchase amount. An early TRM2 investor gets a lower cost of entry, but has to wait longer for the profit to begin with the launch of mining operations.


The TRM token is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. 100% of tokens will be distributed to investors. Undistributed tokens will not be created in the first place.In other words, the maximum number of tokens will never exceed the number of tokens sold to investors. The token to be issued is called TerraMiner2, ticker: TRM2. It grants the following to its holder:

  • The right to own 1 Megahash per second (Mh/s) for each TRM2 token the investor holds;
  • 50% of the mining revenue earned with the hashrate the token holder owns, the other 50% goes to founders;
  • The right to reinvest 10% of the project’s revenue and increase the effective hashrate behind the tokens.

The TRM2 tokens will be available for trade on the token.store exchange after the ICO ends.

Token sale phases

The token sale will consist of three phases, each of them offering different token prices and purchase amount bonuses or discounts.

This formula is motivated by adjusting the payback period for investors entering the project at different times, in other words, the earlier you invest, the more you’ll have to wait for the actual profit, but that is compensated by lower cost of entry, levelling the payback period for all investors

  • Pre ICO

    Begins 27 Dec 2017
    Ends 31 Jan 2018

  • ICO

    Begins 01 Feb 2018
    Ends 28 Feb 2018

  • Post ICO

    Begins 01 Mar 2018
    Ends 31 Mar 2018

  • Pre ICO$4,5
  • ICO$5,5
  • Post ICO$6,5

Distribution of revenue and costs

All the investments in the project are allocated towards purchasing mining hardware and other technical expenses.

The TerraMiner team takes on all the ICO campaign expenses: operational, legal, marketing staff, PR and communication and advertisements, using its own budget for these causes.


to token holders


for Terraminer, this also covers operational expenses

All operating costs are covered from the TerraMiner project team’s share of the gross revenue (50%).

Investors receive 50% of mining operations profits and cover no operational costs such as electricity, maintenance, rent, security costs, personnel salaries and other. The project team is responsible for the construction, maintenance, finding a location for the farm, purchase and installation of hardware, cooling system, electricity supply, repairs and other. Token holders receive profits as long as revenues of a particular farm exceed energy costs.

Profitability evaluation

During the first three months after the project starts, 10% of the TerraMiner team’s profits will be allocated towards TRM tokens buyback that will ensure demand.

It will also allow some token holders to sell off their hashrate for profit and receive their speculative gains.

Starting from the fourth month, 10% of the entire project’s revenue will be reinvested into buying additional hardware for the following purposes:

  • To level out our token holders’ profits against the rise in mining difficulty.
  • To make up for and override the rise of mining difficulty and increase profits.

The hashrate behind each token will be increased through reinvestment every three months. It means that hashrate of every TRM2 token will increase by 10% three times a year.

The TerraMiner team will provide investors with a stable profit guarantee despite the rise in mining difficulty. As the hashrate behind each token increases it will compensate for and even override the rise in mining difficulty thus giving token holders more profit.

Milestone Mh/s for each token
April 2018 1
October 2018 1.21
January 2019 1.33
April 2019 1.46

Our Goals

  • To use the most advanced technology the cryptocurrency mining industry has to offer, creating original solutions that are scalable anywhere the world.
  • To pay for hardware, rent and electricity – in cryptocurrency, turning virtual internet money into real, operating hardware.
  • Investments in mining may possibly be the most profitable option for long-term gain – and we make it easy and accessible to anyone in the world, no matter their wealth or cryptocurrency expertise.
  • To put ambitious projects into practice using crowdfunding and ICO crowdsales, allowing effective solutions to make your investments pay back faster.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a profitable investment program on the budding cryptocurrency market that would be easy to grasp and accessible to the broader audience.

We believe that even with the rise of mining difficulty, we can and should be able to receive high profit from mining, and we will achieve that by our collective efforts combined, creating mutually beneficial projects based on cutting-edge technology


Our mobile mining farms are mounted inside a shipping container and are equipped with all the necessary means of communications, an alarm system, a fire safety system and an advanced immersion cooling system that allows them to be transported anywhere in the world where there is cheap electricity. Their high mobility would also help us transport the farm to the countries with a milder regulatory climate if required.

Our approach

TerraMiner builds next generation farms — modular, mobile, flexible, with low maintenance requirements.

Lower hardware costs

The TerraMiner project has established great connections with the INNOSILICON chip manufacturer that allow us to buy mining chips on an industrial scale while avoiding the huge markup from resellers and distributors operating on a demand-driven market.

Energy efficient

TerraMiner farms are built on one of the best performance chips on the market, A4+ by INNOSILICON Technology, that have excellent energy efficiency characteristics. We are able to reach these results with a submersive cooling system that allows us to overclock our chips by 60%.


Thanks to our very own engineering solution, namely, container-mounted farms, and established partnerships with hardware manufacturers, we have the full capability to create as many mobile mining farms as required, transported anywhere in the world, as the optimum mining conditions dictate.

Lower risk

  • Mobile TerraMiner farms are mounted inside cargo containers allowing us to be more independent from both the energy supplier and the local government. If the government decides to change its stance on mining, the project can be quickly packed up, relocated and deployed on one of our backup places with less legal regulation.
  • Same goes for any increases in energy pricing or other issues. The farm can be quickly packed up, relocated and deployed anywhere in the world. We won’t have to disassemble the miners, which decreases downtime drastically.
  • We have established strong partnerships with mining hardware manufacturers that allow us to be sure in full compliance with the contractual obligations we have agreed on with the hardware companies. We have also managed to secure full warranty agreements.

Cheap electricity

Our farms use cheap electricity sources and can be placed as close to a power source as possible, paving way for increased mining efficiency due to lower, more competitive electricity prices such transportability would allow.


TerraMiner farms are built on A4+ by INNOSILICON Technology that are among the highest performance and lowest energy consumption ASIC chips on the market Advantages

  • They offer great performance and can be overclocked by 60% utilizing the right cooling system (hashrate up to 4 MH/s)
  • Optimally priced and energy effective (2,5 Watt per MH/s).
  • perfectly optimized for altcoin mining

The farms will be mining on the SCRYPT algorithm using the NiceHash service.

That said, TerraMiner does not use ready-made solutions based on INNOSILICON A4+ or ASIC Antminer L3+ like others. Instead we are using their OEM components on an industrial scale. We have contracts in place for the manufacturer to supply us with ASICs directly, which in itself is a huge advantage over other mining projects that use consumer-grade solutions in the form of ready-made ASIC miners or GPU cards.

Our farms are the first of their kind projects that are both mobile and operate on an industrial scale, based on our very own original engineering solution that allows us to:

  • increase hardware performance
  • drive expenses down and shorten the payback period


Our A4+ miners are assembled in an open case and then installed on INNOSILICON hashboards, powered by 1800W PSUs.Hashboards are connected to a controller with a CPU and RAM with other connectors.Each ASIC-miner is pushing out 850 MH/s.

Hardware assembly and testing are done at INNOSILICON by the manufacturer, allowing us to drive the risks down and receive a full warranty on our hardware.

ASIC-miners are then cooled in a single-phase submersive passive cooling system. The cooling baths are filled with a non-flammable cooling agent. It helps transfer the heat away from the components and increase miners performance by 60 to 80% compared to air cooled solutions, as well as increase the lifespan of our hardware.

Cooling system

TerraMiner farms use single-phase passive submersive cooling system. This is a brand new, patented cooling solution, developed specifically for electronic equipment cooling. Applying this solution brings the following benefits:

  • We are able to reach 4mh/s overclock on our chips with the use of a submersive cooling system, allowing us to enjoy a 60-80% increase in mining efficiency and performance compared to air cooling, while at the same time increasing the lifespan of our hardware.

Cooling system advantages:

  • Saves room: this system allows for more hardware to be installed in the same space, cutting out the need for A/Cs, large fans, etc.
  • Total silence.
  • Dust-free.
  • Hardware is protected from overheating, which increases its lifespan: at lower temperatures chips degrade much slower, adding years to error-free operation.
  • Requires lower maintenance – standard mode of operation becomes “submerge and forget”.

Key advantages of our project

Assets to back it up

We invest in cryptocurrency mining hardware that will bring profit to our investors.


We have 2 fully functioning cryptocurrency mining operations to date (see “our experience”)

Short payback period

Thanks to our high profitability and quick farm deployment, a short payback period is something we are proud to offer to our investors. It takes no longer than 3 months from the moment you invest to the first dividends.


Our company is registered in Bulgaria, where ICOs are not subject to law.


We release photo and video reports of our work on the project every step of the way We invite anyone to arrange a meeting and come around to see the hardware.


The number of investors who put trust in our company is over a thousand, and it keeps growing.

Flexible investment

After the ICO ends, our investors can either stay to receive dividends, or sell their tokens on an exchange.


We have established strong partnerships with hardware manufacturers in China


At the time of writing, our farms are located in China, in a specialized compound for mining projects in Shaoguan. China is the country with the biggest number of mining farms in the world, and a few factors lead up to this fact, including: cheap electricity, convenient hardware and mining equipment logistics. Most mining pools are located in China as well. The only downside is the climate which is not cold enough to allow for natural hardware cooling methods.

In contrast with most Chinese mining farm that are located in the further regions of the country, the TerraMiner farm will be located in Shaoguan (Guangdong province), just 300km of excellent highway away from Hong Kong. What it has in common with a lot of other farms is, however, the fact that it uses a private hydro electric power plant as its main power supply.

Our company is registered in Bulgaria where ICO campaigns are unregulated.

Company details:
JVt 20170817105553 / 17.08.2017r.
204717072 "STIGL" EOOD
8000 Burgas Center, Burgas;
Burgas Municipality
HAN ASPARUH, № 3, 2 floor

Company details

Address: ul. "Han Asparuh" 3, 8000 Burgas Center, Burgas, Bulgaria

Phone: +7 965 297-96-94

Telegram: @terraminer_support_bot