We're happy to announce that Pavel received a Chinese visa on November 8!

TerraMiner CEO was granted a type L visa allowing him to travel to China. Our colleague, Rustam Itaev, who will be supervising the project on-site, is accompanying Pavel to the mining farm construction location....

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Interviewing Jamall Dzaurov

Meet our new legal advisor -- Jamall Aboevitch Dzaurov. He is the head of Corporate Legal Administration at "TeploEnergoRemont" LLC

Jamall, do you think crypto coins mining will remain a fad of the few, or turn into an investment vehicle for the masses?

Mining no longer belongs to an exclusive club and is now accessible with minimal investment through the help of cloud mining, and collective farms such as TerraMiner. It's hard to predict what's coming next since there are too many unknown variables.

Many fear the ban of crypto coin operations in our country. The authorities have been talking about tighteing the screws.

Have you read their proposals? I've been following this topic closely, and it's obvious that they're not talking about restrictive measures, but security and control. In other words, they're developing anti-scam security measures. As a legal expert, I welcome that wholeheartedly. It must become clear where to settle disputes and resolve issues in this area. As of now, this industry has been left unattended, and question of whether or not a project is reliable is left on your own responsibility. I advise you not to fall for high-yield promises and take a level-headed approach instead.

What do you mean?

I recommend reading fine print, inspecting the company's charter documents, studying the contract before you transfer any crypto coins to their wallet. Our people are gullible and easily excited when it comes to quick money. You have got to dig deeper if you don't want to be left without a dime. Who's behind the project, what they were doing in the past, what guarantees they provide, whether or not they've released documents scans, -- or is it only a shiny lure? TerraMiner proves to be transparent enough in that regard: all this information was made freely available. All the conditions are on paper, and it's up to the investor to decide if it's worth it.

Jamall, thank you for sharing your opinion and joining our advisor team!

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Interviewing Alexander Bakholdin

We are welcoming on board our new financial advisor Alexander Bakholdin! Alexander is the head of Internal Audit Service at «Otkritie» bank, and has a Ph.D. in Economics.

Alexander, what do you think of cryptocurrency mining as a source of income?

A year ago mining exploded. People jumped on the bandwagon, bought up video cards, assembled mining pools and began mining crypto. I’ve heard some rags-to-riches stories, and how some could barely return their investments. There is no easy money in mining. Cryptocurrency networks hashrate has been soaring lately, making solo miners crumble under growing competition.

How do you see the future of mining?

The first generation of miners were the people adept at software, hardware, and mathematical operations. They were self taught by day, and ordered video cards in China to assemble their home mining farms by night. The second generation of miners often didn't have much in common with electronic technology. Many of them had never even seen what a mining farm looked like. However, they had a lot of money, and they found out that mining investments are profitable. They invest in large farms for easy income. They don’t want to worry about cooling, hardware repair, hackproofing, etc. Large projects’ owners do the job for them, just as you do for your investors at TerraMiner.

How would you rate the job TerraMiner team is doing, and what do you think the prospects are for our project?

I'm a financier, so I don’t give inspirational speeches. I make prosaic calculations. The only factor I care about is ROI. The most high-profile projects mean nothing to me if they don't pay my investments back. To the credit of the TerraMiner project, their team has managed to secure great hardware deals and settled in a region with cheap electricity, therefore I can see how they will become highly profitable in the nearest future.

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Meet Viktoria Lebedeva, a new TerraMiner project advisor

We are honored to introduce to you a new TerraMiner advisor -- Viktoria Lebedeva, Chief Operating Officer at Sobinbank JSC.

Viktoria, how do you evaluate Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency prospects on the Russian market? Originally, this technology was meant to serve as an alternative to fiat currencies within the banking system -- meaning it is supposed to be your competitor?

Blockchain technology per se, as a way of safe storing and transfer of data, boasts huge potential, considering our country's territory and population. As far as I know, some elements of Blockchain are already being implemented into healthcare system, namely, in pharmaceutical drugs distribution mechanics, and land register service Rosreestr. When it comes to cryptocurrencies and the technology to store and transfer money with no middlemen involved, I don't think that Russian banking is under any threat. Our legislation does not allow financial settlements in cryptocurrencies. Even if the technology begins making some progress in that direction, legal entities will be affected last, and until then they will be obliged to have business bank accounts.

Do you think cryptocurrency deals will become official in Russia?

Right now it's only legal to hold and transfer cryptocurrency. The authorities have become active on that issue lately, and are preparing some new legislation. I am inclined to believe, however, that Russia is unlikely to follow the steps of Japan, Switzerland and Germany. Perhaps, like China, our country will let private persons deal in cryptocurrencies, and keep it outlawed for financial institutions.

Is TerraMiner project, in your opinion, a promising one, and would you recommend investing in it?

Mining, just as any other business venture, is only worth it if the profits exceed the costs. This project plans to take advantage of cheap electricity in Shaoguan, use high-grade hardware, and most importantly, rely on the expertise of a seasoned team of professionals. The income generation process laid out in Whitepaper makes perfect sense to me. Do I recommend investing? Depends on the amount of money and each investor's capabilities. Payback period is quite short, so with smaller investments there are no grounds for concern. The potential for bigger investments is more difficult to estimate. If everything goes as planned, expect high profits. If push comes to shove, the project offers a pledge agreement for investments over $10,000, and that sounds fair to me.

Viktoria, thank you for sharing your opinion and for being open to cooperation!

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Meet Maxim Kasymov, a new TerraMiner project advisor

We are honored to introduce to you a new TerraMiner project advisor. Since recently Maxim Kasymov, the chairman of the Moscow Special Bar Association and a member of the Presidential Expert Council, consults us about legal issues.

Maxim, nowadays, in business circles people tend to believe that cryptocurrencies are nothing but a fad, something only unoccupied people can spend time on. Do you agree?

I've been practicing law for decades, and have seen quite a few things at first considered a fad, only to bring millions in revenue later. On the other hand, some of the business models traditionally considered serious are now becoming obsolete. As a lawyer, I do not think in terms of serious or not serious. I view issues from the legal standpoint, whether or not they are subject to law. And if they are, whether or not these activities are legal.

Well, how do you view cryptocurrency mining?

Since Blockchain technology does not belong to any state and is spread worldwide, every miner has to abide by their local legislation. When a third party enters the equation: cloud mining services, mining pools and exchanges, the user has to read the contract instead of simply checking the "Accept terms" box. You have to pay attention to which law this activity is subject. In other words, to which country legislation is this contract bound, which court will be hearing the case. As a rule, international enterprises aren't subject to Russian law, therefore you have to understand that in case of legal issues you'll have to hire foreign lawyers and study foreign law. In case of a favourable decision, you often have to open a bank account in that country to receive the money awarded by court. That's why you have to make sure the cryptocurrency project you're dealing with is reliable. Otherwise getting your money back will prove to be a challenging task, with legal fees exceeding any potential court award.

How do you rate our project's reliability?

As a lawyer, I'm certified to give evaluations from the professional standpoint above my personal opinion. Right now I have no questions to the contract signed by token holders. Public offer lays down the rights and responsibilities of both sides, purchase and transfer of ownership procedures, guarantees and risks. There are no tricks, hidden conditions and ambiguous wording. Anyone can get acquainted with the information and make a balanced decision. When it comes to my personal stance on the project, I've seen a lot of trends come and go over the years of my law practice. Russia has seen a lot of massive investment fads. This is very characteristic of our nation's mentality: we go all or nothing, jackpot or bust. People invested everything they had, and lost everything to the last cent, while others became dollar millionaires. I believe that we have to adopt a more pragmatic approach to investment. Diversified investment strategy that makes sure you always have assets to cover your losses elsewhere. High-yield and risky investments, such as cryptocurrency projects, have to find their way into your portfolio. The investment amount is up to each and every investor.

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J&W Group and TerraMiner have expressed intentions of cooperation on the supply of new J&W motherboards

J&W Group and TerraMiner project have agreed to cooperate in the field of the supply of new J&W motherboards for the TerraMiner mining farm located in Shaoguan.

TerraMiner QA officer Ruslan Sharamet visited the J&W Group office and negotiated a purchase of their freshly released motherboards. The mining company is going to to use them in assembling miners. The motherboards will be connected to J&W hashboards with Innosilicon A4 + chips.

TerraMiner officials stated that they chose J&W Group due to the fact that the enterprise provides a full cycle of hardware development, that includes research, assembling and testing of the equipment. "The advantage of their products is that these new motherboards allow you to connect up to 8 hashboards, which ensures that we’ll be able to maintain the hashrate level we need," Sharamet noted.

TerraMiner project is now completing the ICO phase, throughout which it raised more than $305,000. A distinctive feature of the project is that the token holders don’t lease mining capacities – they buy them once and for all. The farm construction and the equipment assembly is planned to be completed in November. The dividends payout to the token owners will start in December.

The project founders count on the high profitability of mining due to the impressive combined capacity of the miners, cheap Shaoguan electricity and a reduction in fare costs because of the farm proximity to the equipment manufacturers.

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TerraMiner obtains a batch of freshly released J&W motherboards with an option to plug in up to 8 hashboards

An update from China: our QA officer Ruslan Sharamet has just visited our partners at the J&W Group to negotiate the terms of purchasing a batch of their freshly released motherboards.

J&W Group provides a full cycle of hardware development, that includes research, assembling and testing of the equipment. We are going to use their motherboards in assembling our miners. The motherboards will be connected to hashboards with A4+ chips. We also plan to purchase J&W hashboards as well. We consider it a great advantage to leverage the option of connecting up to 8 hashboards with a single motherboard to achieve the desirable productivity. The other advantage is the hardware’s pricing: Ruslan managed to obtain a good price due to a considerable amount of items to buy.

Our team is so eager to lay their hands upon the gear! We can’t wait to assemble everything and pull the switch.

Reminder: you can also get on board and buy a share in our mining farm’s capacity.Check out the details here ► stay up to date!

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Interview with Antonina

How do you feel about the cryptocurrency boom, do you consider the blockchain technology and cryptomoney to be an effective financial instrument?

I’m wary of any kind of boom. There are always those who blindly rush into any trend, and those who want to make money on a frenzy. However, fortunately, there are always those who embrace trends as an opportunity to to widen the scope, and leverage new possibilities to benefit not only themselves, but also the community. The same is relevant for the cryptoindustry: I trust only those projects that are responsibly approaching the matter. In general, blockchain technology is interesting, as it eliminates intermediaries in transactions and therefore gives people access to financial instruments at a minimum cost.

You are an employee of an oil company. Do you think it's true that oil and other non-renewable energy sources are gradually losing ground? Or vice versa, oil and gas are reliable, unlike digital and crypto, for the latter are not more than just a fashion?

For many years I've heard rumors that oil and gas will soon become irrelevant. But let's be honest: most of modern production, transport systems and other spheres of life go with traditional energy sources. Of course, there is a future for renewable resources, but this future will not come at a blink of an eye: it will take decades to gradually reconfigure existing equipment. I think that in the modern economy there is a place for both proven resources and the new ones, among which are digital and crypto.

Do you think investing in crypto mining is profitable? Isn’t it easier to invest in traditional assets, as business, phiatic currency, securities, etc.?

Any investor will confirm that you shouldn’t "keep all the eggs in one basket". It is worthwhile to have different instruments in your investment portfolio, including precious metals, securities, venture investments and cryptocurrencies.

What do you think of TerraMiner project? How do you feel about the idea of ​​ICO, do you think the company is promising, is it worth to trust the guarantees?

When evaluating any new project, I look at the experience and previous projects of the team members. I've seen a lot of bright-eyed youngsters with ideas “worth of a million", but even the best idea is doomed if a person simply does not know how to manage business processes, delegate responsibilities, negotiate with suppliers, etc. In the TerraMiner project, it is important for me that the founders already have successfully operating cryptomining farms, as well as vast experience in related areas – business, programming and marketing. I also see that the headhunters of Pavel Kuznetsov managed to gather a "golden team", where everyone fits together perfectly. Therefore, I'm not surprised when I look at the success of the project, and see lots of people buying tokens.

What would you recommend those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies and in our company?

I advise those who are still in doubt, to invest only in those projects where they purchase not only "thin air", but something tangible, for example, a share in capacity, – that’s how project "TerraMiner" works. Also I advise them to choose those projects in which there is an opportunity to sell a share on the exchange, because there’s always a chance that you’ll need your money back at once. TerraMiner provides token holders this possibility as well. As concerning those who plan to invest in this project, I advise them get acquainted with the whitepaper and feel free to ask all the questions to the customer support service. As far as I know, they are quick to answer in social networks, by email and by phone.

And, of course, good luck!

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Our team now has an advisor!

TerraMiner would like to introduce a project advisor! Mikhail Gireev has extensive experience in computer equipment market including work for Samsung Electronics Benelux B.V. Mikhail invests in cryptocurrencies because he considers them to be an effective financial instrument for great profit.

“I am sure that Cryptocurrency is the instrument of the future, and its growth in popularity is inevitable! Many people underestimate cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology today, while big companies have already evaluated the promises blockchain technology holds. The existing Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) already includes the largest companies, such as Microsoft, Intel, BP and Credit Suisse”.

Mikhail is sure that investment in mining can be considered highly profitable now as cryptocurrencies' value is growing every day. At the same time, you can gain good profit by investing even a small amount. br>
“I am interested in TerraMiner project, above all else, due to its high potential. Setting realistic goals, the project is an extremely transparent new model of ICO, understandable for investors. At the same time, the more people invest in the project, the faster the declared goals will be achieved. In any case, the project will be put into life even if they don't raise the entire goal they're aiming for".

We thank Mikhail for supporting our project!

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TerraMiner's PRE-ICO is over

"Dear investors! The TerraMiner team congratulates everyone on completing the PRE-ICO of our project and the launch of ICO. Over the pre-session period, we collected 341 ETH, 260 transactions were conducted in total. TRM tokens were sold for $2.8, and as of October 1, the price of one coin increased to $5.
During PRE-ICO we did not collect all the money we'd expected to, but we would like to draw your attention once again to the fact that TerraMiner project will be launched regardless of the final raised amount. By purchasing TRM tokens, you become the owner of hardware that brings money and coins, that keep gaining value constantly, besides, the tokens being issued are backed by a real business (a real mining farm)."

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TerraMiner CEO and Investors Meet in Moscow

The founder of Terraminer met with investors at "Moscow City" business center on September 28. During the meeting, TerraMiner CEO Pavel Kuznetsov, a professional mathematician, described the company in detail, answered investors' questions, and explained how modern equipment and fine-tuning allows us to gain our investors profit of up to 35% monthly....

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