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First ever successful mobile mining
ICO project that went live!

Limited offer!

The demand for TRM2 token is through the roof. Our offer is unique in a lot of ways, making it an attractive choice on the mining market.

We offer advanced solutions for all kinds of users.

    We represent a new standard for mining projects because our solution is:
  • Mobile;
  • Easily scalable;
  • High-performance;
  • Energy-efficient.

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Frequently asked questions

Main questions

Is there a chatroom where investors and the project staff can talk?

Yes, you can find the links to all our social media accounts on our main page. We'll be happy to see you join the conversation!

Does your company have a business address?

The company's official registered address is in Bulgaria. You can find the documents on our website. We also have an office in Russia, Moscow, 117342, Butlerova str. 17. Our Chinese address: 广州市海珠区新港东路1000号保利世贸D座2109 Guangzhou city Haizhu district of newport east road 1000. Poly world trade block D 2109.

How much for one token?

Pre-ICO price for one TRM2 is $4.5
One TRM2 = 1Mh/s of our farm's hashrate.

How does the calculator on your website work?

The revenue from mining is shared between the token holders and founders on an equal basis, 50/50%. The calculator on the website shows your profits after the company's 50% cut. To find out about your profit projections, use the calculator, for example, if you invest $900 when the token price is $4.5, divide 900 by 4.5 and you get 200 TRM2. Enter this number in the calculator and see your projected daily, weekly and monthly profits as well as your estimated payback period.

When does the farm start?

The farm is launched and payouts begin as soon as the ICO campaign ends, which is in April 2018.

What's the minimum investment amount?

Minimum investment amount is $100

How will I receive my dividends in BTC?

NiceHash pays out the mining revenue to our wallet on a daily basis. Half of that revenue goes to the common investors wallet. In the personal account your balance is updated with the amount of bitcoins correspondent to the number of TRM2 in your account, in other words, your share in the farm's hashing rate.
You enter your BTC wallet and the withdrawal amount, then click "withdraw".
Blockchain transaction fees are only paid by the company if the withdrawal amount is greater than $100, otherwise, the fee is on the user.

When do I receive my first profits and how is it going to go down?

Payouts begin after the farm is launched in April 2018. You will be receiving daily payouts in BTC to your BTC wallet.

What are the token growth drivers here?

The price of the token will grow due to the fact that our reinvestment mechanism will make up for and even override the rise in mining difficulty over time, improving the tokens' profit yield. The company will reinvest 10% of some months' revenue into upgrading the farm, which will make one token represent 1.4Mh/s in one year's time. Besides that our tokens produce regular profit, are listed on exchanges and appreciate in value due to the increasing hashing power they represent.

Can I personally visit the farm?

Yes, we are planning to allow farm tours for our investors. Time and other details are to be discussed separately, but we definitely welcome everyone to come and see the farm for themselves.

For how long will I continue receiving profits?

You will continue receiving profits for as long as you are holding TRM2 tokens, it is a lifetime contract. The farm will be bringing you dividends for as long as its mining revenue exceeds operational cost.

What currency are you mining?

We will be using NiceHash. This service automatically picks the most profitable coin for mining at any given time depending on the farm's configuration and the network difficulty of each coin. This way we will be mining different coins on the SCRYPT algorithm depending on their value and other factors.

How to refresh my balance in the personal account?

Sign up on the website and submit an order. Your balance in the personal account will be updated within 24 hours.

How can I be sure this is not a fraud?

You can see our company's documents and our project's advancements on our website. Our project is already up and running, and you can see it on video on our YouTube channel. There are videos from China, and you can make sure that we're real and the farm is fully functioning. We already have two successful mining projects and over a thousand of investors. Buying TRM2 you're not buying an idea wrapped in promises, you're buying a share in a real mining farm.

Will there be new ICO campaigns?

New tokens will be issued whenever we build a new farm or upgrade an existing one. Besides, we're already drafting the plans for a new farm with TRM3 tokens. We will run new ICO campaigns to raise more money for the aforementioned reasons. In the future we also plan to build a farm rated at 3 Th/s. During the first ICO campaign we raised around $740 000, and our global goal is, in fact, somewhere near $15 000 000.

If the Chinese government bans mining, what then?

We have a backup plan to move to Irkutsk, Russia. Electricity is even cheaper than the 5 cents per kWh we pay in Shaoguan. We want to launch a project in Russia as soon as we receive a clear understanding of the Russian government's stance on the mining and cryptocurrency industries. Besides, our mining farms are mounted inside cargo containers that make our farm highly mobile by design. We can pack the whole operation up in mere hours and be on our way to a better place for the farm, wherever it may be. This is our advantage compared to other mining farms.

How do you ensure your mobile farms security?

Our mobile farm containers are placed in a gated guarded compound under video surveillance 24/7. We have an alarm system installed in our containers that are safely secured on a concrete floor.

How to sell tokens?

You can sell your tokens on the token.store exchange.

On what exchanges will your token be listed?

The tokens from our first ICO, TRM tokens, can already be found on the token.store exchange. It is available at token.store. TRM2 tokens will also be available there. We're in the process of entering other exchanges, so keep an eye out for updates on our social media and Telegram.

How to start

What steps are there to take to become your investor?

To become our investor you need to:
1. Sign up on our website at terraminer.online
2. Create a MyEtherWallet or any other wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens.
3. Submit your BTC address for dividends.

Then you send the desired amount of cryptocoins to our smart contract address if you're paying in ETH, or to our BTC wallet if you're paying in BTC. If you entered your MyEtherWallet address, the tokens will soon appear in your wallet.

Do I need a special wallet to receive and hold TRM2?

You can use any wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. We recommend MyEtherWallet.

What form of payment do you accept during the ICO?

You can invest in our project using ETH or BTC. The minimum purchase is measured in USD which is $100. There is no upper limit to your investment.

Why can't I see my TRM2 tokens in my personal account on the website?

You need to sync your MyEtherWallet with your personal account on the website. You need to submit an order in your personal account, enter your MEW address and your Telegram login. Our support staff will contact you shortly.

What to do if I don't see TRM2 tokens in MyEtherWallet?

If the tokens did not show up automatically, follow these steps:
Enter your wallet and click Add Custom Token.
Enter the smart contract address: 0x8BeF0141e8D078793456C4b74f7E60640f618594
Enter Token Symbol: TRM2
Decimals: 8

Miscellaneous questions

What are the legal implications of this crowdfunding campaign?

Our company is officially registered in Bulgaria as a trade organization. Token purchases are made on the Ethereum blockchain through a smart contract. After receiving an amount in ETH or BTC the smart contract will send back the corresponding amount of TRM2. The tokens held on the owner's wallet confirm his right for profits. The next step is adding the wallet address to your personal account on the website. The profit distribution formula distributes the mining profits on a daily basis in the amount correspondent to how many tokens the investor holds at the time.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, you can receive 5% bonus tokens from the referrals' investments.