TerraMiner Farms

The agreement between STIGL LTD and INNOSILICON Technology LTD

Documents provided on request

Project equipmentis assembled from the latest efficient mining developments and innovations.

Algorithm. Cryptocurrency will be mind on Scrypt algorithm.

Chips. A4+ chips by INNOSILICON Technology LTD will be used in mining farms. These chips are among the highest productive chips in the market. By this moment, LTC Miner INNOSILICON A4+ is being developed based on these chips.

The productivity increase official statement by INNOSILICON.

The cost of a chip is $ 9.8 (according to the agreement), the provided acceleration is up to 3.8 MH/s (according to the technical documentation)

$9.8 / 3.8MH/s = $2.6 is our 1MH/s cost price.

Documents provided on request

The unique setup scheme for INNOSILICON productivity increase

Documents provided on request

Cooling. We will cool our farms in an oil bath. It will allow the chips to reach 4 Mh/s which is a higher performance than with air cooling 1.6 Mh/s (60-80% higher). That is why we are not utilizing the ready solutions such as INNOSILICON A4+ и Antiminer L3+.

CarnotJet System in Action

Boards. For manufacture of boards for our chips and testing of mining equipment, we have signed an agreement with J&WIPC Technology Development Ltd, who has all the components to build reliable mining farms

Electricity. Premises with the miners will be located in Shaoguan, China where cost of electricity is ultra low 1 kWh = 0.3 Yuan = $0.046.

Ruslan Sharamet - software engineer and hardware developer


Mutual nondisclosure agreement between STIGL LTD and INNOSILICON Technology LTD