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First ever successful mobile mining
ICO project that went live!

Limited offer!

The demand for TRM2 token is through the roof. Our offer is unique in a lot of ways, making it an attractive choice on the mining market.

We offer advanced solutions for all kinds of users.

    We represent a new standard for mining projects because our solution is:
  • Mobile;
  • Easily scalable;
  • High-performance;
  • Energy-efficient.

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The Company

TerraMiner is an international mining project offering investors convenient and favourable terms on a profitable mining contract. The company builds its own mining farms for mining LTC and other altcoins. To date we have a fully-functioning mining farm in Moscow based on 260 Nvidia 1080 ti and a fully-functioning farm in China based on A4+ ASIC chips with a combined hashrate of 180Gh/s commissioned late December 2017.

Over the course of our ICO we invite everyone to purchase our ERC-20 tokens, each one of them equal to a share in our mining farm hashing rate. The token holder then becomes the owner of said hashing rate for lifetime – in contrast with, say, cloud mining services. TerraMiner tokens are backed by real mining hardware that will exist in a real place, earning you money..

After we launch the farm, all the mining profits will be shared 50% between the founders and the token holders. Their investment begins paying dividends from the very first day the farm is launched. Payback period for investors varies from 3 to 12 months, depending on the stage they entered the project on. Average monthly ROI is 21%.

We take full responsibility for every process: finding the right place, hardware purchase, its delivery, then building and maintaining the farm and setting up its cooling system, managing utility bills and any malfunctions or problems that can happen along the way. Token holders only receive dividends – through a lifetime contract, or more precisely, for as long as the mining farm’s profit exceeds the utility bill.

Every farm will be mounted in a container, forming a ready and highly mobile solution.If the Chinese government decides to change its stance on mining, the project can be quickly packed up, relocated and deployed anywhere in the world, thanks to the transportability of an intermodal container.

Our goals

  • To use the most advanced technology the cryptocurrency mining industry has to offer, creating original solutions that are scalable anywhere the world.

  • To pay for hardware, rent and electricity – in cryptocurrency, turning virtual internet money into real, operating hardware.

  • Investments in mining may possibly be the most profitable option for long-term gain – and we make it easy and accessible to anyone in the world, no matter their wealth or cryptocurrency expertise.

  • To put ambitious projects into practice using crowdfunding and ICO crowdsales, allowing effective solutions to make your investments pay back faster.

Bank accounts

Currency Bank name BIK Account number
DKK Danske Bank A/S, Copenhagen DABADKKK 3996065197
SEK Danske Bank A/S, Stockholm DABASESX 12460103387
NOK Fokus Bank (part of Danske Bank Croup), Trondheim DABAN022 86011803824
CHF Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main COBADEFF 400 871907200CHF
JPY Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main COBADEFF 400 8719072 00JPY
GBP Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main COBADEFF 400 8719072 00GBP
EUR Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main COBADEFF 400 8719072 00EUR
EUR Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main DEUTDEFF 100 923311500
EUR Unicredit SPA, Milano UNCRITMM 0099500002739
USD Wells Fargo Bank NA, New York PNBPUS3NNYC 2000193001969

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a profitable investment program on the budding cryptocurrency market that would be easy to grasp and accessible to the broader audience.

We believe that even with the rise of mining difficulty, we can and should be able to receive high profit from mining, and we will achieve that by our collective efforts combined, creating mutually beneficial projects based on cutting-edge technology.